Boudoir No. 5

Cancellation Policy
Hey there! Life happens, and we get it. Just like you, we understand that sometimes things don't go as planned. So, while we're understanding, please be aware that rescheduling comes with some costs.

Boudoir No. 5 Policies:

Retainer Fees: These cover planning, portrait services, and reserved time for our professionals. Once booked, retainer fees are non-refundable. 

Rescheduling Fees: There is ONE FREE approved reschedule.  If you are needing to reschedule a second time, there is a non-refundable charge of $150 to rebook your day. If there is a 3rd time of rescheduling, then you will need to rebook at the $350 booking fee. 

Creative Sessions/Model Calls: No reschedules for these sessions. Lack of confirmation or timely planning means no photography, and no eligibility for future creative sessions.

COVID Reschedules/Flu: Follow regular reschedule policies with fees of $150 within 72 hours and $200 within 24 hours.
Inclement Weather: No charge if Edmond School Districts close due to weather. Safety comes first.

How to Reschedule: Reach out to Ellie as soon as possible. Reschedule requests will be sent to a rebooking calendar link. Cancellations less than 72 hours from booking are not honored, but you can book a new session.

Pre-Payment Plans: Become a store credit valid for 18 months. Refunds are possible 30 days before your shoot day, minus processing fees. Cancellations within 30 days receive a store credit.

Why Pay More to Rebook: Quality services cost money, and when you rebook, we need to secure these professionals again on a new day. Their time is valuable, and this ensures they're compensated.

Running Late: Notify Ellie if you'll be late. Hair and Makeup start at 10:30 am. If you're not there by then, your artist will be released, and you'll need to reschedule and pay the $150 rescheduling fee.

No Refunds: Due to the custom nature of our photography business, no refunds are permitted after your order is placed.
Please note that these policies and prices may change to better fit our studio's growth and the current economy.

Pricing: Prices are subject to change. If you do not complete your boudoir session with in 6 months of booking date, I cannot guarantee you the price at which you booked it at.