Oklahoma City Maternity Boudoir Photographer

Studio Located in edmond, OK


Photographing gorgeous women around greater OKC at my studio located in Edmond, OK. Showcasing intimate & empowering maternity portraits that celebrate the beauty and confidence of individuals in a tasteful and artistic manner. Have a look around and inquire today!

I had the most phenomenal experience with Ellie at Boudoir No. 5! From the initial nerves to feeling like an absolute queen, the entire journey was beyond incredible. Ellie's talent is unmatched—she didn't just capture stunning photos; she orchestrated an empowering experience. Her friendly and professional demeanor created an atmosphere that turned shyness into confidence and nerves into pure excitement. The images? Jaw-dropping! I couldn't believe it was me. Ellie is not just a photographer; she's a confidence architect who leaves you feeling like a goddess. It's a game-changer, and the impact lingers, leaving you with self-love and empowerment that stays long after the session ends. Thank you, Ellie, for being an absolute force and making this experience unforgettable! ⚡

guthrie, oklahoma 


Ellie BLEW my expectations out of the park!!! If you’ve been contemplating on wether or not to get those pictures done.. this is your sign to DO IT!! Ellie makes you feel like you’ve have been friends for years, extremely comfortable, sexy, confident, and more!! I left there feeling like a boss a$$ bi+ch and I felt even badder after seeing the magic she created!! I 100% recommended Boudoir No. 5!! You won’t be disappointed!! It’s soooo worth it!! 

oklahoma city


Ellie is the best boudoir photographer there is! I was so worried I wouldn’t know how to pose and felt insecure about my stomach going into the session. I felt so confident in myself after seeing each picture and my husband loves them so much that he even shows his friends! Ellie will make you feel so comfortable in your own skin and show you what to do every step of the way! Highly recommend!!

stillwater, ok


The way I felt the first time I saw my photos was that there was no way those pictures could be me.  They all turned out so good, even the ones that I didn't think I would like. It was really cool to see me in those pictures and even cooler the way it made me feel. Ellie made it so comfortable and helped right away with my nerves. If you are considering doing a boudoir shoot, do it with Ellie! 

edmond, ok


I would definitely recommend Ellie to all of my friends who are wanting to try a boudoir photo session! I was amazed! Shocked! She took my inspiration photos and brought them to life. I waned a shadowy, moody photos but also a little bit of spice. She nailed it! 

norman, oklahoma


I loved my whole experience with Ellie. I felt really comfortable with her, obviously since I was walking around completely naked.  I want to share and sing your praises from the mountaintops! You are that good! I loved my entire experience and I love all of my photos! Thank you so much! 

yukon, oklahoma


Ellie is Wonderful!! She made it easy and real. No question is silly and there was NO fear or judgement. She's an awesome women and made me feel safe and confident! I'm already trying to figure out a reason to do it again THIS YEAR!! Just do it!! You won't be disappointed!! 

oklahoma city


Ellie is AMAZING! I've gone to her twice and I can't express how amazing I think she is. She is the best hype man ever and she works absolute magic behind the camera! I LOVE her, and you will too in the first 5 minutes!!!

guthrie, oklahoma