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Why a Boudoir Shoot?

 Don't think boudoir is only for the young. Think again!! Boudoir photography is all about being comfortable in your own skin! Celebrating your unique beauty! No matter your age, your size, or how many children you've had, you are gorgeous. For my older ladies, we age, if often becomes harder to feel good about our bodies, especially with the message blaring at us from social media! If you are older, well guess what?! You have more experience in your body! You know better. You know what makes you feel sexy and you deserve to show it!!

actually ask this question in my initial form. Most women's answer is they want to feel sexy again! Well a boudoir shoot is that perfect opportunity to feel sexy yet again!! This is your day to come in and relax, get your hair and makeup done and just be able to feel free!!


12/10 worth your money! I've done boudoir before, but my experience all the way from the beginning to my final photos with Boudoir No. 5 was 100% better than previous shoots. The whole process is super comfortable, Ellie is a professional and boudoir is definitely her art. Whatever color, vibe, theme you need, she will produce amazing, sexy results! ~ Erin

The first step to secure your preferred day and time is to pay the $350 Session Fee. This fee includes a boudoir experience in my private home studio. Boudoir Styling guide for outfit ideas. Professional skin smoothing and blemish removal on final images.
Images provided within 72 hours. Side by side coaching on poses, movements and facial expressions. Professional hair and makeup done in studio. Up to 1.5 hours of shooting time that includes 3 outfit changes. 

1. GEt booked

You will have access to my personal cell number, so please text or call me anytime with any questions you may have with outfit ideas.  I encourage clients to let me know what they are looking for in their shoot. We can plan something unique, fun and sexy!  You will receive a pre-session prep guide that will give you ideas on what outfits to bring and where to purchase them too. I do offer a small client closet that includes, body jewelry, fishnet stockings, robes + more. 

2. Style your boudoir shoot

3. Hair and Makeup

When you arrive at the studio we will get you pampered!! Spend an hour with our professional hair and makeup artist and transform into the badass sexy woman you are!

Your session will last approximately 90 minutes. I tend to shoot 30 minutes per 1 outfit. During your shoot, I am right by your side the whole time! I will literally be laying down next to you to show you what pose to start in.  I will be talking you through it the whole time! 

4. let's shoot!

This is the part I get the most excited apart. As soon as you leave my studio I start the editing process! I get too excited not to edit them right away! I will have your gallery ready for you to view within 72 hours if you purchased a package with the whole completed album. *average 60-80 images. If you choose a package with a select number of images, we will set up a time to go through them together. I can get them done in as little as 2 hours after your session. You can go and have lunch and come back. We can discuss which options will be better for you once you book! Product + Digital Collections start at $1500. Just the Digital Collections start at $600.

5. your boudoir gallery

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  1. Get outside your comfort zone. When considering a boudoir session, you may be thinking you can’t look sexy, no matter how good the photographer. Chances are you’ve spent plenty of time focusing on your perceived flaws and not enough time focusing on your beauty. A boudoir shoot can help you step outside your comfort zone and allow you to see just how gorgeous you really are. You’ll see yourself in a new light, maybe in a way you’ve never seen yourself before.
  2. Celebrate your beauty and have fun doing it. The right photographer will make you feel perfectly at ease during your session, offering words of encouragement and making you feel like the gorgeous woman you are. A boudoir shoot should be a fun opportunity to celebrate you and help you find the sexy self that’s been hiding in you all along.
  3. Create a stunning gift. Imagine their face when you give a photo album of sensuous shots of you. But just as a boudoir shoot makes a unique gift for the one you love, it also makes a great gift for you. As women, wives, and mothers, we often spend most of our time tending to other people’s needs and neglecting our own. A boudoir session gives you a chance to do something for yourself—to enjoy a little pampering and boost your confidence and self-esteem.
  4. Have an excuse to go shopping. When was the last time you bought some sexy lingerie? A boudoir shoot gives you a reason to go shopping for lacy looks that will make you feel fabulous. Who doesn’t want an excuse to go on a shopping spree?
  5. Feel empowered. All of us have insecurities, but getting treated like a model for a few hours can help you embrace your beauty and innate sexiness. Once you see the stunning photos, you’ll be blown away by how gorgeous you really are, and those images will always be around to remind you of that and help you rediscover your self-confidence. A boudoir session can be an amazing treat for you and help you see that you’re truly beautiful just as you are. Don’t be afraid to get in front of the camera and strut your stuff!

Top 5 Reasons to Book Today

Let's find your Vibe!!
Soft, Classy, Dark/Moody, a little Spicy!!

A pre-session prep guide will be sent to you to help get you in the right direction on what you would like to bring with you to your photoshoot. It doesn't always have to be lingerie! Let's find what works for YOU! 

Here is an example Session timeline for the day.
*Starting times can range depending on both of our schedules.
  • 10:30AM: Hair and Makeup at studio location in Edmond, OK
  • 11:30AM: Boudoir Photoshoot!
  • 1:00 PM: You should be done by this time! Grab lunch and share your experience with your friends!
  • 2:30 PM: Head back to the studio for your in-studio reveal and choose the pictures you LOVE most for your album and print.

Estimated Timeline
What's included in your boudoir Experience
Session fee $350 - Product and Digital Collections are Separate.
Collections Are below and start at $600
*pre-payment plans are available! Discounts apply if you sign a model release! 

Boudoir Styling guide for outfit ideas. I am available to you at anytime to help get the looks you are wanting to achieve!

Professional Hair and Makeup done in Studio before your photoshoot. Relax and get pampered! 

Boudoir Experience in my Private Home Studio.

Professional Editing, which includes professional skin smoothing and blemish removal on final images. Other editing only upon request. 

Side by side coaching on poses, movements and facial expressions! I promise you I am working right by you the whole time! 

Self Love!

Product + Digital Collections

Payment plans available for the following collections

Just The Digital Collections

No payment plans available for just digital collections. 

Inquire for pricing information.

  • 12x12 Album with 40 images
  • Full Digital Collection
  • 10 Image Folio Box
  • 16x24 Metal Print
  • Digital phone App
  • Professional Hair and Makeup
  • 3 Bonus Perks 

Marilyn Collection

Inquire for pricing information.

  • Full Digital Collection (avg. 60-70 images)

Eleanor Collection

Inquire for pricing information.

  • 10x10  Album with 35 images
  • Full Digital Collection (avg. 60-70 images)
  • 8x12 Metal Print
  • Professional Hair and Makeup
  • 2 Bonus Perks 

Audrey Collection

Inquire for pricing information.

  • 20 Digital Images downloadable in a private client gallery

Dorothy Collection

Inquire for pricing information.

  • 8x10 Luxury Album with 30 images
  • Full Digital Collection (avg. 60-70 images)
  • Professional Hair and Makeup
  • 1 Bonus Perk Option 

Grace Collection

Inquire for pricing information. 

  • 8x8 Standard Album with 25 images
  • Full Digital Collection (avg. 60-70 images)
  • Professional Hair and Makeup

Elizabeth Collection

Inquire for pricing information.

  • 10 Digital Images Downloadable In A Private Client Gallery.

Ruth Collection

Ellie BLEW my expectations out of the park!!! If you’ve been contemplating on wether or not to get those pictures done.. this is your sign to DO IT!! Ellie makes you feel like you’ve have been friends for years, extremely comfortable, sexy, confident, and more!! I left there feeling like a boss a$$ bi+ch and I felt even badder after seeing the magic she created!! I 100% recommended Boudoir No. 5!! You won’t be disappointed!! It’s soooo worth it!! 

oklahoma city


Ellie is the best boudoir photographer there is! I was so worried I wouldn’t know how to pose and felt insecure about my stomach going into the session. I felt so confident in myself after seeing each picture and my husband loves them so much that he even shows his friends! Ellie will make you feel so comfortable in your own skin and show you what to do every step of the way! Highly recommend!!

stillwater, ok


The way I felt the first time I saw my photos was that there was no way those pictures could be me.  They all turned out so good, even the ones that I didn't think I would like. It was really cool to see me in those pictures and even cooler the way it made me feel. Ellie made it so comfortable and helped right away with my nerves. If you are considering doing a boudoir shoot, do it with Ellie! 

edmond, ok


I would definitely recommend Ellie to all of my friends who are wanting to try a boudoir photo session! I was amazed! Shocked! She took my inspiration photos and brought them to life. I waned a shadowy, moody photos but also a little bit of spice. She nailed it! 

norman, oklahoma


I loved my whole experience with Ellie. I felt really comfortable with her, obviously since I was walking around completely naked.  I want to share and sing your praises from the mountaintops! You are that good! I loved my entire experience and I love all of my photos! Thank you so much! 

yukon, oklahoma


Ellie is Wonderful!! She made it easy and real. No question is silly and there was NO fear or judgement. She's an awesome women and made me feel safe and confident! I'm already trying to figure out a reason to do it again THIS YEAR!! Just do it!! You won't be disappointed!! 

oklahoma city


Ellie is AMAZING! I've gone to her twice and I can't express how amazing I think she is. She is the best hype man ever and she works absolute magic behind the camera! I LOVE her, and you will too in the first 5 minutes!!!

guthrie, oklahoma 


Contact me to start your boudoir experience! My home studio is located in Edmond, OK, right outside of Oklahoma City.  To get on the calendar, there is a $350 fee. Check out the Investment Page to see what it all includes. Collections are separate. The base package starts at $600. 
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